Keep Calm and Wear Pink

Pink is the color most often associated with femininity, charm, sensitivity, tenderness, sweetness, the romantic. When combined with white, it is associated with innocence.

I have to confess that I like the PINK color too….but I wear black, blue more often. I like bold colors, more like accessories, details for interior, but to wear for example to dress in pink for me it would be a challenge.

What to do, but I work with bold colors and I like to make wool slippers, wool boots, wool clogs in bright color combinations. Even here is an option to fix the contrasting color rubber soles (10 color options!) for slippers and boots at my shop.

Lets enjoy the freshness of PINK color for now. The most latest wool slippers for Women are these wool booties (height 20cm  or 7.87 inches). They are handmade wool boots at my studio. The inner color of wool is white. Here, at my Etsy Shop FeltWoolSlippers is an extra options always: you can tell me what color combination you like, and I will make a custom pair of wool slippers just for you. Wool Booties in Hot Pink  4-1

Felted Wool Slippers Boots PINK

felted slippers rubber sole color rubber sole slippers 10 options

For 2016 year, the Quartz Pink color is a fashion must. Wear Pink and be HAPPY!

Pink Slipper, Gifts for Women 4
Hot Pink and Quartz Pink Combination Wool Slippers

Cute Pink Wool Slippers is a Warm Gift for Her. Lets try to mix pink and green.

womens wool slippers pink green
Hot Pink Slippers, Green Pink Wool Shoes

Pink and Black Color Combination

Felt Slippers Black Fuchsia Contrast Color Rubber Sole 3
Black and Pink Slippers – Felted Wool Shoes

We make Colour Blocking Wool Slippers for Women.

Yes! Yes, my favorite black color  combined with Hot pink tassels

Wool Slippers Black with Hot Pink Tassels

Just tough, I can make the personalized slippers for you with names, dedications, monograms on slippers…  /just drop me a line/

Opposite Black and Pink Wool Slippers

Black and Pink Wool Slippers for Her

Why not to Add Pink Flowers? Yes!



Hot Pink and Black Wool Shoes with pink  Felt Flowers

Grey and Pink!

Womens wool slippers pale grey pink rubber sole 2

Gray and Pink Wool Slippers (custom made just for you).

More Wool Slippers for women , Wool Boots for Her, Men’s wool shoes … I also make Organic Woolen Clogs, Wool Boots and Personalized Gifts.

Lets Keep in touch!

Facebook: EkoHausFeltedShoes
Instagram: feltwoolslippers
Twitter: FeltWoolSlipper



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