Bring The Comfort With You – We Created Outdoor Winter Felt Shoes and Wool Boots. They Are Amazing.

You never admit it’s already fall until the freezing feet remind you of themselves. Our team decided to add something new to the collection to help you, our customers, avoid this unpleasant token of a cold season. Etsy shop FeltWoolSlippers  news : felt shoes with rugged soles for outdoors and wool ankle boots, felt boots also for outdoors. 


Sunny autumn days are pleasant. Pumpkin spice latte in one hand, warm lovers palm in the other while strolling peacefully under the yellow and red roof of trees. It is joyful and calm at the same time. However there is nothing joyful and nothing calm when the weather gets nasty. Pouring rain, freezing temperature and severe winds are inseparable from the season. All you dream of then is running back home and sliding into those soft and warm wool slippers we made you. Okay, maybe it’s not all that you dream of but it is definitely in the list.
Knowing this Feltwoolslippers decided to let you bring this homey comfort with you outside. Yes, you guessed right, wool slippers are now winter wool boots with rugged soles. 

Mens Felt Shoes Charcoal, Masculine Rubber Soles

Mens Felt Shoes Charcoal, Masculine Rubber Soles, Travel Friendy Moccasins, Handmade Shoes, Wool Boots Men, Handmade Winter Shoes Organic

Wool Boots Black – Womens Felt Shoes – Rubber Soles – Handmade Felt Travel Booties
Taupe High Wool Felt Boots
Taupe High Wool Felt Boots, Rugged Soles, Unisex Felt Shoes, Felt Boots, Eco Boots, Valenki UGG Boots, Snow Winter Boots, Handmade Boots


We have always used a rubber sole on our handmade wool boots to make it possible for you to quickly pick some groceries, walk the dog around the block or enjoy a breezy walk in a park wearing these softies. However now we decided to progress even more. The new rubber rugged sole that we have chosen for our modern designs is much more durable and covers sides of the boot to protect it even more. It is flexible, waterproof and non slippery, so the wearer can enjoy the walk without worrying about the puddles and spills. Now we offer stylish felt shoes with outdoor rubber sole for men and trendy womens felt shoes with a light platform. These booties kept the minimalist style that already became a staple in FeltWoolSlippers product variety so being protected from the vet autumn grounds does not mean refusing the style anymore.

Men’s felt shoe rubber sole style – black color rugged soles.

Mens Felt Shoes Green Woods, Rugged Rubber Soles,
Mens Felt Shoes Green Woods, Rugged Rubber Soles, Wool Men Slipper, Wild Handmade Shoes, Wool Boots Men, Handmade Winter Shoes, Travel Shoes
Women Wool Travel Shoes, Neutral Rust Beige, Eco Friendly Casual Shoes, Minimalist Wool Slipper
Women Wool Travel Shoes, Neutral Rust Beige, Eco Friendly Casual Shoes, Minimalist Wool Slipper, Felt Shoes, Handmade Shoes, Winter Gifts


We changed the sole but not the essence of our wool booties. Still soft, still warm, still comfortable –these are the things that we promise to keep forever. To change any of them would actually mean changing the whole concept of our products. Using only organic and chemically not treated wool such qualities as moisture repellency, warmth and breathability are inevitable. When the weather is dreadful, you don’t have to feel dreadful yourself. Sliding ones feet (you should try doing this without a sock!) into the handmade boots, warm and soft as a tummy of a cute little sheep feels amazing, the possibility to bring this coziness outside is even better.


Yep, you’ve read it right! We let you dictate your wishes. These winter boots are as customizable as any of our wool slippers in the store. Wide choice of colors for the inside and the outside of the body of the shoe should calm the color junkies, and there is also the possibility to choose the height of the boot which makes them even more adaptable to ones taste.
Visit our store on Etsy: FeltWoolSlippers, check the news and choose your two little autumn hike companions!

Wool Felt Shoes with Jagged Sole – New collection – Custom Colors are welcome!
Womens & Mens Wool Felt Travel Shoes, Wool Boot

Wool Slipper for Indoors
Womens Felt Shoes, Mens Wool Slippers, Womens Wool Boot, Eco Wool Felt Slipper




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